At TexStar, our Competitive Cheer Program is for those who have a strong passion for cheerleading. Our All Star program will build your child’s self confidence, leadership, sportsmanship, dedication, ability to work hard, and strength.

Our Competitive Teams range from ages 5-18.

Each child will be placed on a team according to their age, ability, and experience. If the child does not meet these guidelines, they will have the option of being placed on A Show Star Team, or in a recreational class. Teams are chosen by age group/level.

To be placed on a team, you MUST meet the level/commitment requirements for the entire season. Athletes can be moved to a different team/program if they do not to meet the level requirements or if they have too many absences.
For an example, we would not place a child on a level two team that did not meet the tumbling, stunt, jump, routine requirements for level two. Another example would be if they lost their level 2 skills for an extended period of time due to a mental block, we would move them to a lower level team.

*All Competitive Teams must be registered through USASF. There is a $30 annual membership fee* If you are new to our gym this season, you will register and pay online!If you competed with us last season, you will need to renew by paying $30 to the office September 1st-September 5th.



Rising Star Cheer teams will still have the full Competitive Cheer experience, but will be less of a financial and time commitment than Elite Competitive Cheer for younger and/or level one athletes.

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