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Make sure your child enjoys it before you sign them up!

Are you interested in signing your child up for classes, but you want to make sure they enjoy it first? Come try a class for free!

Make sure to thoroughly read the following instructions for your Free Trial!
(This is only for students who have not attended a class at TexStar)

1. Fill out the form below, and we will send you the days and times we have open to try. Let us know which day your prefer and we will enroll your child as a trial!

2. Create an account on our Customer Portal by clicking the link below!
We need this done so that we have a release on your child for them to participate!

Make sure to add your child as a student.


3. Bring your child to their Trial in tight fitting athletic wear! (Leotard, tank top, tight t-shirt, athletic shorts, etc.) Barefoot is fine! Hair pulled back and no jewelry. Please bring all belongings in a sling bag. 

4. If your child enjoys the class, contact the front office to sign up!
(The child will be removed from that class after the trial if the office does not hear back from you)

See our Class Request Page for more information on classes and pricing!

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