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Private Lessons are a great way for your child to work on skills one on

one with with the coach of their choice!


If you are wanting to take private lessons, contact the coach directly

or fill out the form below! 


In order to take Private Lessons you must either:

-be in a class

-be in the Private Lesson Program


2023-2024 Private Lesson Fees:

Most coaches accept cash, Venmo, & checks. You will pay your coach directly.

One child 30 minutes: $40

Two children 30 minutes: $45 ($22.50 each)

One child 60 minutes: $65

Two children 60 minutes: $75 ($37.50 each)

Private Lesson Program:

This program is $60 per month starting Summer 2023. This fee is paid to the gym on top of Private Lesson Fees that are paid to your coach.

To sign up for the Private Lesson Program, email

We will then send you next steps.
If you are not currently in a class, this program is mandatory in order to take Private Lessons.


-All scheduling and communication will be done through your coach.


-*You must cancel at least 24 hours in advance or you will owe for that private*


-Observation provided for parents and spectators. No sitting or standing inside of the gym.


-If you are splitting a private and cannot make your private with your partner, you need to let them know in advance. Then the one child price will apply.


-Private lessons are worked around the gym schedule. Coaches may have to change your private lesson time if an event or a new class is added.


- Private Lessons must be paid for at the lesson unless paid for in advance for the month.


-No more than 2 students can be in a Private Lesson together.

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