If you are wanting to take private lessons, contact the coach of your choice to set it up OR FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW!


One child 30 minutes: $35
Two children 30 minutes: $40 ($20 each)
One child 60 minutes: $60
Two children 60 minutes: $70 ($35 each)


-Make checks payable directly to the coach (not TexStar)

-You have to take at least one class in order to take private lessons.

-*Must cancel at least 24 hours in advance or you will owe for that private*

-Observation provided for parents and spectators.
-If you are splitting a private and cannot make your private with your partner, you -need to let them know in advance. Then the one child price will apply.

-Private lessons are worked around the gym schedule. Coaches may have to change your private lesson time if an event or a new class is added.

- Must be paid at private lesson unless paid for in advance for the month.

Fill out form below to request a Private Lesson: